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In the tribal colony of Athikoli , a village located in the Virudhunagar District of Tamil Nadu, Arise & Build Christian Prayer Fellowship trained 100 women on tailoring. This is a much sought after occupation of the women of the area, seeing the need and the desire to excel in this profession, free training was provided to the women folk of the community. As a result of this initiative, a regular source of income was established for the women as they use this profession to earn in the neighbourhood, they are able to save money by stitching clothes for their own and family. This initiative brought confidence and bargaining power to do their tailoring business.

Taking a step further in building sustainable livlihood opportunities for the communities, the organisation prepared an wholistic plan at Vallambedukuppam, a fishing hamlet in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra border.  Free tailoring coaching was provided to the women folk of the community. Along with this source of livelihood, Arise & Build Christian Prayer Fellowship developed an adult literacy programme for the community. Regular classes were conducted so that the adult community are able to have functional literacy to support their livelihood endeavours. Career and social counselling for the youth was an effort to build in a cadre of socially responsible youths in the community.

A number of awareness programmes were conducted in the communities, along with the youth, in bringing awareness on prevention of child marriage, sexual abuse and exploitation of children as labourers. The organisation is able to provide this training and awareness to 24 villages in the area.

Health Programmes
Mahatma Gandhi had said, “ It is health that is real wealth and not the pieces of silver and gold”. This wealth and the access to it was out of reach to a number of villages and communities. Arise & Build Christian Prayer Fellowship organised Free medical camps by qualified and experienced doctors from Government and private hospitals. The doctors were able to attend to the health needs of the communities.  Proper diagnosis and treatment opportunities were provided. Mobile medical service was provided to  all the community members in different villages, a complete health screening was done for all. As per the diagnosis, free medicines were provided to all the ailing people.

For chronic and congenital sickness, provisions were made by the Organisation to help the patients get treated in Government hospitals. Every year we conduct 6 to 12 medical camps and reach more than 1000 people. During the course of health screening by medical professionals, there were found , children who needed continued treatment for serious ailments.

These children were taken to the nearest Government hospital and given treatment . Cost to the treatment were supported by Arise & Build Christian Prayer Fellowship . Volunteers accompanied the families , supported them in doing the administrative formalities in the hospital, till their recovery. Regular monitoring was done to ensure that the treatment has brought complete recovery to the children. Arise & Build Christian Prayer Fellowship provided an  end-to-end health care support to the poorest of the poor communities.
Child Development Projects

Located at Andhra Pradesh, Nellore Dt. Chinnathotam Village

The child development project looked into health, education, protection, participation of children in all the communities. This project ensured that children are having quality education made available, remidial educational system is in place and that children have nutritious meals too. This project intervention covered 7 villages and catered to the education and nutritional  needs of 224 children.
Arise & Build Christian Prayer Fellowship belives in the overall development and growth of children inoder for them to be able citizens of the country and contributors and supporters to their respective communities. Remedial classes were conducted for the children who find difficulty in their studies. Every day evening, nutritious meals were provided to all the children who are part of the programme.

Arise & Build Christian Prayer Fellowship found out the reasons which discouraged and prevented the children from attending school. One of the major challenge cited was the unavailability of proper transportation facitlities for the children. The Organisation ensured that indeginous available method of transporation, by bullock carts, were made available for children to be trasported to the child development centres.  Apart from  this mode of transporation, cycles were distributed among the children in the communities. This made the journey to school , a much easier and comfortable one.

Without the availability of learning aids, it was very difficult for the children to regularly attend school and educational facilities. The children were provided with school bags, note books and other learning aids, free of cost. The organisation made available teaching aids to the teachers, so that they will be able to impart quality education to the children in school , as well as in the remedial classes. Special tutoring is done for the children on handwriting, reading, writing and arithmetic skills. This educational support by Arise & Build Christian Prayer Fellowship have a boost to the efforts by the Government to ensure education for all the children in the communities, it serves.
Child participation and protection has been an effort aggressively pursued by the Organisation. Arise & Build Christian Prayer Fellowship ensured that proper awareness and education of child rights are made available to the communities. The community members were trained on child protection and care; they were trained to prepare all preventive mechanisms in the community, so that children are safe and cared for. The senior children were trained on giving training and awareness to others in the community. These children organised awareness programmes along with the Organisation and trained all the elders of the community.

These effective and efficient interventions have enabled the community and children to experience a better quality of life. Arise & Build Christian Prayer Fellowship will strive to ensure that the efforts by all the service providers are available to the community it operates.

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